Sunday 1 October 2017

30 Days of Self Care - Round Up.

Just a quick recap for the 30 Days of Self Care and general thoughts about the next steps for My General Life!

Well there we have it, we only went and bloody did it folks - 30 days of dedicated self care practice later and here we are. I don't know about you, but I'm feeling rather pleased with myself for sticking with it and seeing it through.

I hope that if you received the emails each day that you found some value in them, and thank you so much to all those that shared their journey's on social media. I found so much joy in reading how you were getting on and knowing that you were in it with me. 

I'd love to build on the 30 Days of Self Care and maybe develop it into something that can be used at any time, not just for the specific 30 days. But we'll see. For now I'm excited to get back to my blog and get some new posts out to you all - something which I know has fallen by the wayside a little whilst I was focusing on 30 Days of Self Care.

Another thing I am also going to do is bring back my newsletter. I'm not too sure how regular this will be as of yet - I'm not sure I can commit to weekly so it maybe fortnightly or monthly. I think it'll be a fun way to share a little bit more of what's goes on in my head and maybe even some behind the scenes snippets too. If you have any thoughts on what you'd like to see in my newsletters please let me know!

Thank you all so much again for joining me over the last month, it's been a pleasure to have you on board and I hope we can continue our self care journeys together for many more months to come! If you've just stumbled across this post and are gutted you've missed out on the 30 Days of Self Care fear not, because I put together a Pinterest friendly graphic for you to use to do your own 30 Days of Self Care whenever you please (hover over the image and click the Pinterest button to pin straight to your favourite board!).

Feel like you need to show yourself a little more compassion? They why not take 30 days for focus in on your self care? Follow my daily prompts and actions and take the time for you - you deserve it!

Let's start a conversation:
What would you like to see more of here at My General Life? Do you want more wellbeing focused posts? Or maybe more posts on sustainability and living a more environmentally friendly life? Or even more regular recipe posts? Please leave any thoughts in the comments below or drop me a tweet @_hellojordan


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