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Easy Vegan Dinners.

Hello there, Blogosphere. It's been a hot second since we last spoke - sorry about that. It's been a rather busy couple of months, but over the last few weeks I've been really missing my little baby blog. And so here I am seizing the moment and getting back into the groove. I'm feeling pretty motivated at the moment, and so I'm hoping that incorporating time for my blog back into my life will be doable - we'll see! One of my difficulties is that there's so many things that I'm interested in and enjoy doing and I just don't have the spare time for all of them, I'm trying to find a balance and use my time more effectively but please do bear with me!

Anyway, I'm sure that you're actually here to see what I have to say on easy vegan dinners, because as the title would suggest, that is what today's post is about. I think lots of people (mainly non-vegans) have the perception that veganism is this huge effort, that there's limited food choices in the absence of animal products and that you have to be able to devote hours of your time to meal preparation. But honestly, the opposite couldn't be more true. As much as I enjoy cooking, during the week after a long day at work the last thing I want to do is spend bloody ages in the kitchen knocking up some grub. Don't get me wring, some nights I do spend longer preparing a meal, but most of the time I like my food to be quick, reasonably healthy (ish), tasty and made with minimal effort on my part. I feel that I've got into quite a good groove with quick, easy meals and there's several that I have up my sleeve to whip out on those "can't quite be arsed" evenings.

Easy Vegan Dinners

M E X I C A N   B O W L

Mexican bowls are great as you can throw in anything that you have available including (but not limited to) leftover chilli or sweet potato, tinned beans (Heinz do a nice range of fancy beans, one of which is Mexican inspired), sweetcorn, lettuce, tomatoes, salsa, guacamole or just plain avocado, stir fried veggies with fajita spice. They're so simple and can be so handy for using up bit of leftovers that you've got knocking about in the fridge.

C H E A T S   K A T S U  C U R R Y

This is a current favourite of mine since discovering a wonderfully convenient curry sauce paste in Tesco. I love to use the Fry's chicken style burgers or schnitzels as the protein aspect of the curry, which is either cook in a pan or in the oven. I also like to stir fry a few veggies to go alongside the rice (it's totally ok to use packet rice, I also love to use my Instant Pot which cooks white rice in just 5 minutes). All in all this can be pulled together in less than 20 minutes and it tastes fantastic.

Easy Vegan Dinners

S T I R  F R Y

If you ask me you really can't go wrong with a stir fry. I always have a bag of frozen stir fry veggies in the freezer in case of emergencies because I know it can be cooked up in just a few minutes. Throw in some noodles or rice, a sauce if you fancy (or just soy sauce with some sweet chilli mixed in can work just fine) along with some tofu or vegan meat strips for an extra bit of protein.

K A L E  &  M U S H R O O M  C A R B O N A R A

This is one of my favourite ,slightly more indulgent meals. It's not necessarily the healthiest but it's tasty and can be whipped up in not much longer than it takes to cook the pasta. I've actually shared the recipe for this on the blog, which you can find here.

Easy Vegan Dinners

H U M M O U S  T A R T

I first had this at a lunch at work and let me tell you, it's so tasty. But if you as me most things that are wrapped in pastry could be considered tasty! All it involves is roasting some veggies (red onion, pepper and courgette work great) and at the same time cooking a sheet of puff pastry. Once the pastry is cooked you can top it with your favourite hummous, I personally love Asda's sundried tomato hummous, and then the roasted veggies. Serve with a side salad for a simple, minimal effort summer dinner.

Let's start a conversation:
What's your favourite easy vegan dinner? I'd love for you to share your recipes down below or drop me a tweet @_hellojordan  so we can build up a collection of quick and easy meals and help make veganism even more accessible (which, let's be honest, is the dream!).

Just a little PSA - you may have noticed that I have changed my Instagram and Twitter handles to @_hellojordan, sorry for any confusion that this might have caused - I may also change my blog name in the future, but for now I'm sticking with My General Life.

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