Tuesday 5 July 2016

5 Tips For A Positive Mindset.

Here's 5 of my top tips for a positive mindset - something which is a huge contributor to overall wellbeing.

Being positive can, at times, be tricky. But I do believe that if you remain optimistic and think positively then positive things will happen , like a self-fulfilling prophecy. Having positive thoughts evokes positive behavior which in turn evokes positive experiences. You get me? 

So today we're going to chat about my top 5 ways you can promote a positive mindset in order to help encourage more positivity in your life.


Ruminating on the past or worrying about the future can cause stress and anxiety, which aren't fun. The reality is we only ever have the moment that we're in right now. Like this very second. So enjoy it, relish the opportunity, experience all the feels and just focus in the here and now and all the wonderful things that are happening in your world.


If you have something positive that you want to work towards then SMART goals are your guy. It stands for specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and timely, all of which help you break down your goal into a meaningful context that allows you to have a plan of how and when you're going to achieve it. I feel this helps keep you from being discouraged when life throws curve balls and keeps you on the positivity train - yeeha! 


If you ask me, loving and accepting yourself promotes positivity. If you can feel positive within your heart about all you are and what you stand for, then it's far easier to be open and positive about other aspects of your life. 


Practicing gratitude and being thankful for all you have in life, even the little things, can really have promote positivity and help it flourish. It can be so easy to forget how much we do have that enriches our lives and I think it's important to acknowledge this.


Negative things happen, we can't escape them. And it's not about denying negativity, it's about choosing where to focus your energy. It's about choosing encouragement rather than discouragement. It's totally fine to acknowledge negativity, but don't dwell on it, find the positives and cling to them and let them pull you through.

Obviously this list isn't finite and remember it's only my thoughts, it's important to find out what works for you because it's your life remember! 

Let's start a conversation:
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