Sunday, 6 March 2016

Ways To Build Resilience.

Today I wanted to have a little chat about resilience. Along with discussing what resilience actually is, I also have five suggestions you can utilise to work towards becoming more resilient.

So what is resilience? Well according to Google:

  1. 1.
    the ability of a substance or object to spring back into shape; elasticity.

  2. 2.
    the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties; toughness.

I think both of the above definitions of resilience are applicable to a person, even though we're not a mere substance or object. But it really is about the ability to bounce back. To bounce back from a tough time, from failure, from stress or ill health. To fall down 9 times and stand up 10. To have the wind knocked out of your sails but you somehow find the energy to keep paddling. It's about adapting and being open to change and development even in our most difficult periods. And actually it's quite an ordinary concept, because the majority of us are resilient in our own little way. 

So how can you work towards being more resilient? Here's five quick tips to help you on your way:
As hard as it can sometimes be, spending some time reflecting on past experiences and what got you through them can be really helpful. What were your strengths, how did you cope, what did you learn, what might you do differently if a similar experience happened in the future. Resilience is about self-discovery, so knowing yourself and how you deal with situations can help you on your journey to greater resilience.
There are lots of things in life that we don't have any control over. Stressful and hard experiences happen and sometimes this can't be helped. And sometimes things change, for better or worse, and that's part of life too. Part of being resilient is learning to accept this and be OK with the lack of control we sometimes have over things. Look at what you can control, for example, how you act in a situation. Taking ownership of your own behaviour can in itself can evoke change.
If you want things to be different, set yourself achievable goals to make it happen. It's important to keep a realistic perspective of what's happening and what you might want to change. It's important to be decisive in your decision making rather than detaching yourself from problems due to feeling they're too hard to deal with.
Nurture yourself. Develop confidence in your ability to make decisions and know what works and doesn't work for you. Pay attention to what you need and make time for things that are important to you. Caring for yourself means you're in a prime position to be resilient when needed.
A positive outlook goes a long way in a tough situation. And also in a not-tough situation. Visualise the positives you want in life instead of worrying or ruminating on fears or things that you have no control over.

What are your thoughts on resilience? Do you have an tips to add to the suggestions above? I'd love to hear your thoughts either in the comments below, or drop me a tweet @mygenerallife.

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  1. I loved the points you made! I definitely think I need to be more resilient so I shall have to take them on board!
    Great post!

    Claire xxx

    1. Hi Claire, I'm so glad you liked the post! Sending positive vibes for your resilience journey! Jordan xx

  2. I've been dealing with a lot of life and chronic illness challenges that have really pushed my resilience to its limit. Thank you for this post!

    J.ecca, Marble Crow Curiosities

    1. I'm so glad you found this post helpful Jecca. Sending lots of love and positive vibes your way xx


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