Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Easy Vegan Dinners.

Since switching to a vegan diet about 2 months ago, I've been really surprised at how easy it's been to whip up some of my favourite meals and make them vegan friendly. I think it's so important that a vegan diet is seen as easy and accessible to people, because actually your diet doesn't have to be that much different and you really don't have to miss out. So today I thought I'd share five really quick vegan dinner ideas to see you though the week that are all about making vegan easy (and delicious!).

My General Life - Easy Vegan Dinners - Making Vegan Easy


Stir fry's are amazing and wonderfully quick to throw together. They can be packed with all sorts of veggies and are something I typically eat at least once a week. Just make sure you go for wheat noodles over egg (udon noodles are delicious too!). Blue Dragon are also really good at labelling their sauces as vegan. Throw some cashew nuts and edamame beans on for an extra protein (and taste) hit.

My General Life - Easy Vegan Dinners - Making Vegan Easy


Shameless plug as this is one of the recipes I've shared here on My General Life. But these beans are super quick and really versatile. You can stick them in a wrap, in a burrito bowl, on nachos or even on toast. Delicious.


I discovered these through the Thug Kitchen recipe book (read my thoughts here) and they are so quick and easy and they taste amazing. Basically, just cook up some rice noodles, add them to a bowl with other goodies, such as spiralized cucumber and carrot, spinach and edamame beans and thrown on a dressing - a satay style dressing is delicious. Minimum effort, maximum flavour (yes, I just said that).

My General Life - Easy Vegan Dinners - Making Vegan Easy


I love me some pesto, but spend £2.50 on a jar of vegan friend pesto just seems a little excessive in my eyes. So I tend to make my own as it's really simple and quick to do - I've even shared a kale pesto recipe here (the recipe is from before I was vegan, but just substitute the cheese for nutritional yeast or vegan cheese). You can whip this up in 5 minutes, throw it on some spaghetti with some other veggies and you have a delicious dinner.


If you fancy something hearty and warming then a mushroom stew is your guy. I have shared a recipe in the past, although I make it a little differently now (I am planning on sharing a recipe soon, I'm just developing it a little), but you can find that here. It's deliciously rich and 'meaty' without the meat. You can even thrown in some vegan sausage (Linda McCartney sausages are always a winner!).

My General Life - Easy Vegan Dinners - Making Vegan Easy

There we go, 5 super simple, quick to throw together dinners to help you through the week. What are your go-to dinners that you can thrown together in no time? I'd love for you to share them below, vegan or not! Why not pop them in the comments or drop me a tweet @mygenerallife.


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