Friday, 4 March 2016

Bullet Journal Update | March.

I've now been bullet journaling for a little over a month, so I thought it was time to share how I've been getting on and how I feel about the ol' bujo now I've been using it for a little while. If you haven't read my original bullet journal post, then it may be worth you spending a minute or two catching up here (but don't forget to come back!)

My General Life - Bullet Journal Update March

Overall, I've really been enjoying the flexibility of the bullet journal system. I like that I can set it up however I want, decorate it however I want and add in and take away things that do and don't work for me. 

I've trialed different methods of laying out my journal over the last month and I think I'm now at a place where I'm in the groove and happy with how it's progressing. I have decided to switch up my monthly plan for March and draw an actual calendar spread, purely because I want to try and use this as a bit of an editorial calendar for the blog in a bid to be a bit more organised. As you can see in the photo below, I've started using sticky notes to plan out my posts (colour coded too, fancy!)

My General Life - Bullet Journal Update March

I really enjoy writing/drawing in my headings, I've been practicing my handwriting and I'm pretty pleased with how it's progressing in terms of my ability to do different types of drawing is still questionable though. On that note, I solved my first-world pen problem and picked up the Uni Pin Fine Line in's a nice writer and doesn't bleed through. 

My General Life - Bullet Journal Update March

One thing I have realised is that there are some days when my to-do list is a bit pathetic and it feels a bit pointless dedicating a whole day to nothing. But I try to log something I'm happy or grateful for each day, so even if my only to do is "chill out" I still enjoy dedicating a day to it.

I'm also really getting the hang of adding in collections and so I've added in a packing list for my upcoming holiday, along with an expenses log and some pages just for drawing and making my bullet journal a bit prettier.

My General Life - Bullet Journal Update March

What's your favourite method of keeping a journal/diary? Would you consider trying out a bullet journal? I'd love to hear your thoughts either in the comments below, or drop me a tweet @mygenerallife.

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  1. Your Bullet Journal is STUNNING! I only wish I could write like that! I don't have the patience, nor creativity to do something like this, otherwise, I totally would as they look beautiful.

    1. Haha, prior to starting my Bullet Journal I didn't have the patience or creativity either. But I found some somewhere which has been wonderful! xx


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