Friday, 19 February 2016

Creating Healthy Habits.

Humans are creatures of habit. I'm sure all of us have our little routines that we complete on a daily or weekly basis that are intrinsic to our day. Some habits can have a positive impact on our lives, for example, exercise, and some habits can have a negative impact such as smoking. Today I wanted to chat about how we can work towards creating healthy habits that will promote our well-being and improve our overall quality of life.

My General Life - Creating Healthy Habits

My General Life - Creating Healthy Habits

I think the start of a healthy habit is something that's fun and enjoyable. If you enjoy something then you're more likely to want to carry on doing it, so choose a form of exercise that you can have a laugh doing.

If you're setting about developing new healthy habits, it's important that the goals you want to work towards are achievable. Rome wasn't build in a day and all that jazz, so start small and work on developing your habits from there.

My General Life - Creating Healthy Habits

A habit will become more integral to your regular routines the more you do it. So be consistent, set yourself a clear plan of what you want to do and when and try your best to stick with it.

My General Life - Creating Healthy Habits

I've recently started tracking my habits in my bullet journal which I'm finding really helpful for keeping myself accountable and I can also see when my habits are slipping a little bit.

And remember that the more you work a habit into your life, the more it will just feel like second nature. 

How do you  work on building healthy habits into your life? I'd love to hear your thoughts either in the comments below or drop me a tweet @mygenerallife.

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  1. I think finding the right form of exercise or diet for your lifestyle is so important in creating healthy habits, because if it is not enjoyable there is no way you are going to keep it up.

    Emma Inks

    1. That's exactly how I feel Emma! If it's not fun then I'll have no motivation to keep doing it. Thanks for stopping by :] x


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