Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Veganuary 2016.

There's been so much buzz around Veganuary this year, with over 20,000 people signing up to go vegan for the whole month. Now that my holiday is sadly over and done with I feel as though I can properly crack on with Veganuary. I felt as though I'd be likely setting myself to fail whilst away (there wasn't many vegan options at all), and so my plan was to start on the 10th January and continue until the 10th February. 

My General Life | Veganuary 2016
So far I'm on day 4 and actually really enjoying it. My diet doesn't feel hugely different so far as I already eat lots of vegan food, I'm just more conscious of things like butter and cheese (which I know I shouldn't eat anyway!). I certainly feel less bloated with less stomach related issues (which I know are down to my overconsumption of cheese over recent weeks) and I'm really looking forward to experimenting with some tasty new vegan recipes.

I'm hoping to share some of these yummy vegan recipes throughout the remainder of the month and into February as I think it's important to promote actually how easy it can be to make vegan meals! Even if you're a meat eater, cutting down on your meat consumption won't do you any harm and you might actually enjoy it!

Are you joining in with Veganuary or is it something you'd consider trying in the future? Drop me your thoughts in the comments or tweet me @mygenerallife.

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