Monday, 2 November 2015

The #BeYou Project.

The #BeYou project is an initiative run in partnership with treaclemoon and Bullies Out aiming to encourage individuals to embrace themselves and raise awareness of how wonderful it is to just #BeYou. In the modern world, with scrutiny and judgement around every corner it can be really difficult to truly feel able to be ourselves, to embrace our strengths and quirks and put them out there for the world to see.


I certainly think that feeling content with who you are is linked to confidence, something which I know I lacked when I was younger and it's taken me until nearly 26 years of age to feel more content with just being me, not saying I'm there yet, but I'm certainly closer than I was at a teenager. I so wish I'd just embraced myself 10 years ago and not felt so pressured to be fit in.

And to think that 10 years ago I didn't have the pressures of social media that's younger people have today. I think it's so easy to get drawn into social media environments and enveloped by lots of the negativity out there. I really dislike that people feel that's its ok to be mean over the internet without any regard of the impact it could be having on the other end. I also feel that it's really hard to get a true picture of the point someone is trying to make online - remember that about 93% of communication is based on someones body language and tone of voice with only 7% being focused on actual words. Online you're only getting 7% of the picture meaning that it's so easy for things to be misconstrued and taken out of context. If you're reading this and you've experienced someone being a nasty pasty to you over the web, please don't take it to heart, don't let it upset you and don't lose any sleep over it. And if it's really bothering you please talk to someone, Bullies Out even offer an ear if you need one - drop an email to

So how can we work towards embracing what's wonderful about ourselves and feeling content to just #BeYou? Here's some of my thoughts:

1. Stand in the mirror and say three good thing about yourself - we're so quick to be negative, but it's so important to acknowledge our strengths.
2. You're not going to get on with everyone you meet, it's just life. Don't let it get you down because it' doesn't mean you're a bad person or not good enough.
3. It's ok to say no. If you don't want to do something or don't feel happy about something, you don't need to be pressured into it, no matter what anyone says.
4. Remember all the wonderful positive support you have in your life, be it your family, friends, a social activity/group. Identify your support and draw on it when you need it.
5. Don't forget to smile, it takes less muscles to smile than it does to frown!
6. Remember what you have to offer to the world, we all have things we're really good at, make the most of it!
7. Acknowledge what's important to you and strive for this, be it your dream career, an experience or a lifestyle choice - I'll admit I was worried about the response I'd get going vegetarian, but actually, what matters most is that it's important to me and makes me happy.
8. We all have flaws - nobody's perfect and that's ok.
9. You're just as important as every other person on this planet and you have just as much right to be happy.
10. There's only one of each of us, so just #BeYou.


If you want to support the #BeYou project, you can head on over to the treaclemoon website to find out ways in which you can help raise awareness

Finally, a little video put together by treaclemoon, just incase you need any more inspiration to just #BeYou.

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