Monday 26 October 2015

Winter Warmers - Porridge Recipe Ideas.

It's official, the clocks have now gone back which means Winter's edging ever closer. In Winter I'm all about warm, comforting foods and porridge (or oatmeal depending on where you're from in the world) has to be one of my all time favourites. You can't beat getting up on a cold morning and giving your belly a hug with some oats. So today I thought I'd share a few winter inspired porridge recipes that I'll certainly be test driving over the Winter months

Tuesday 13 October 2015


Whilst perusing the latest issue of Healthy Food Guide magazine (October issue), I camw across their article on Iodine and why we all need it in our diets. Iodine is not a nutrient I've ever really paid any attention to and the only thought that springs to mind when I think of Iodine is that delightful brown stuff that they coat you in if you have an operation. So I read on and noted that the majority of the top 20 foods high in Iodine listed in the article where mainly fish, dairy, egg or meat based. I'm vegetarianbut I also try to limit the amount of dairy I consume (for intolerance reasons), along with the amount of eggs, so where does that leave me?

Sunday 11 October 2015

Kenwood kMix - My Thoughts and a Sweet Treat.

You may have seen that a few weeks ago I was lucky enough to attend a bloggers baking event in collaboration with Kenwood (you can read my post on the event here!) Following the event, Kenwood very kindly let me borrow a Kenwood kMix Stand Mixer to test drive so today I'm sharing my thoughts.

Kenwood kMix stand mixer review - my general life, vegan recipe