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Realash - The After.

 You may (or may not) have seen a couple of previous posts discussing my Realash journey. If you haven't then I'll give you a quick update. Basically I've been trying out the Realash eyelash growth serum for the last 12 weeks and tracking the progress over a couple of posts, which you can find here and here. Today is the big day, the final day! Today I'm revealing the fruits of Realash's labour!

Realash After - No Mascara
Wait until you see the progress photos!

 So here we have my eyelashes, without any mascara or curling. The left photo is before the treatment, the middle is 6 weeks in and the right photo is now, after 12 weeks of use. I think it's quite blatent that my eyelashes have grown significantly longer and they're also no thicker and darker, which is exactly what Realash aims to do.

Realash After - No Mascara
Realash After - No Mascara

It's actually got to the point now where I can feel my eyelashes ticking my eyelid or (very frustratingly actually) brushing my glasses when I blink. So these results are from applying the serum nightly over the course of the 12 weeks. I will admit that I did forget on the odd day or two, but overall I was pretty consistent. The application was easy and painless, there was no stinging and I haven't really noticed any discolouration, although on the photos the very base of my eye lid does look slightly darker, but it's not glaringly obvious in real life. The only adverse effect I have noticed is that my eye lids now sting right along my lash line when I rub them, which can only have been caused my the Realash. Realash do claim to that the serum produces no side effects, so I'd be inclined to disagree with them in my own case, but then again, I do have very sensitive eyes, so the fact that I've only really noted a little stinging on rubbing, I'd say is minimal.

Here's some more photos of my lashes with mascara on, I used the same Rimmel mascara in all three photos for a fair comparison (although I'll admit that it had dried out a bit by the final photos!)

Realash After - Mascara
Realash After - Mascara

As you can see again, there's definitely a notable difference in the overall length, thickness and density of my lashes.

Overall, I'm really pleased with my Realash results, I've always had quite pathetic lashes, but Realash has transformed them into long, fluttery lashes that I previously could only have achieved through falsies.

If you're interested in trying out Realash for yourself, you can purchase it through their website here. You can also follow them on Facebook and Instagram. Also, I'm hoping to have a cheeky little giveaway of the Realash eyelash growth serum in the next few weeks, so keep your beady eyes peeled if you're interested in trying it!

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*Realash kindly sent me their eyelash growth serum for free in exchange for an honest trial and review. All thoughts and photos of the product are my own and as always I've shared my honest opinion*

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