Thursday, 8 January 2015

Realash - Update 1.

Hello there lovely people.

A few weeks ago I posted about being offered the opportunity to try out Realash, you can check out my original post here. Anyway today I'm back to give you a quick update on how things are looking after 6 weeks of use.

left - before, right - after 6 weeks.

Realash has been really easy to work into my nightly skincare routine, although I will admit that there has been a couple of occasions where I might have accidentally forgotten. But I've otherwise been pretty consistent at applying it daily!
left - before, right - after 6 weeks.
I know the right photo is closer up, but I definitely think my lashes look thicker and darker.
I've not noticed huge changes thus far, just pretty subtle ones. I do feel that my lashes look ever so slightly darker all the way to the end, previously my lashes were darker at the root and fairer at the end. I haven't experienced any ill effects from using the Realash either, there's been no stinging or discolouration of my eyelid.

left - before, right - after 6 weeks.
N.B: this is the same mascara in both photos, it's definitely dried up a bit!
I have noticed that I now have one really long eyelash (like double the length of the others!) on the outer corner of my left eye, I do hope the others will catch up!!

left - before, right - after 6 weeks.
So that's it for the 6 week update, I'll update you all again in another 6 weeks when I will have completed the recommended 12 week daily course!

Have you tried any eyelash growth serums? What kind of results have you had? Please share any thoughts either in the comments below, or why not tweet me @mygenerallife?

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