Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Realash - The Before.

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Today we're talking eyelashes. I was recently contacted by Realash and offered the opportunity to try out their eyelash growth serum - naturally, as a beauty lover and mascara junkie I couldn't say no!


Realash aims to improve the length, strength and density of your natural lashes without irritation or side effects. Applying Realash is pretty simple, you apply nightly to the upper lash line, as you would a liquid liner, after removing your eye make up. It is recommeneded that you keep this up for three months, however, in their studies they found that 98% of ladies who used Realash noticed considerable improvement after 30 days. After three months of nightly application, they then recommend that you continue to apply 1-2 nights per week in order to maintain your results.

When you look at the ingredients in Realash, its mainly plant and fruit extracts including Aloe, Mango Extract, Papaya Extract and Pomegranate Extract amongst others. There are a couple of chemical looking ingredients, but to be honest, I'd say there's more natural ingredients in Realash than in your average lotions and potions. Realash also state that the product is ophthamologically and dermatologically tested and is safe for contact lenses wearers, although they do recommend that your remove your contact lenses for application and reinsert them after a few minutes if you wish to. 


The tube contains 3ml of product that Realash report will last you 4-5 months if you're completing the initial treatment, however it will obviously last longer if you're just maintaining your treatment. I'm really intrigued to see how much of an impact Realash will have on my lashes. I'm also a contact lense wearer and I have quite sensitive and easily irritated eyes so I'll be able to report back on any impact the Realash has in this respect. 


So, to track my Realash journey, here are some before photos of my natural eyelashes currently, both without and with mascara (albeit the crappest mascara ever!! However, I'll save it for the after photos too so you can have a good comparison!)As you can see, they do have some darkness, although they seem to be lighter at the tips. They're also quite fine and thin looking, but a coat of mascara (even a rubbish one, *cough* Rimmel *cough*) does usually work wonders!

Before - Without Mascara
Before - With Mascara
So keep your beady eyes peeled for further Realash updates!! If you'd like to try Realash for yourself, you can pick it up here. 

Have you tried any lash growth serums? What kind of results have you had? Please share you thoughts either in the comments below, on Twitter @mygenerallife or on Instagram @generallifeblog

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*Realash kindly sent me their product for review, however, all views are my own and I will always give you my honest opinion!*

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  1. I've never tried a growth serum, I look forward to seeing your after photos


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