Friday, 7 March 2014

My Two Hundred | The Canny Collar.

Hello there lovely people, I hope you’ve grabbed a brew and are ready for a quick two hundred.

If you have a big dog, like Obi, you will know that they can be bloody strong and honestly, there’s times when I’ve found walking him a nightmare. Having tried various other head collars that have proved uncomfortable, we decided to give the Canny Collar a whirl!

It’s a bit different to a ‘traditional’ head collar in that it loops over the nose and is controlled from behind his head, meaning you have more control without it being pulled into their eyes or pulling to the side. So when he pulls, you give it a little tug, his muzzle is pulled down slightly which signals to him that he needs to chill out!

Obi tolerates the Canny Collar really well compared to other head collars that we’ve used. He doesn’t flail or Irish Dance trying to get it off. Plus he can still have full control of his mouth; this collar is NOT a muzzle, merely a training aid! We’ve definitely noticed big improvement in his on and off lead walking since using it and will most definitely continue to use it until he becomes a bit less impulsive!

Have you tried head collars for your big dogs? What are your thoughts?